A better future for all.

We envisioned a good foundation for building one’s self-esteem, a sound educational environment for young children would have lifetime benefits for our children and eventually improve their ability to achieve good Matric results.

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Teelo Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation (Reg N0: NPO-168336 in 2016)...

Our Programs

Since our inception from 2016, due to generous support of our sponsors we have been able to provide these programmes and projects ...


Whether you contribute resources or as advocate for good, you make a real difference.

Why we encourage giving?

  • It is who we are, We spread Ubuntu.
  • Alleviate porverty, struggling and suffering.
  • Create a nation of emotionally aware people.
  • One grows as a person.
  • Being Charitable does not decrease one’s wealth.
Our motto

"Education is the great engine of personal development.

It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, the son of farm workers can become the president of a great nation ” – Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela

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our motivation

Given our intervention and moral support with Qqala and Dyam Dyam (district office has recently combined them) these communities have gained a some resilience, disciplined and commited group of learners.

The schools abscentism decreased while school moral is increasing. Now this necessitates continueous greater intervention, more resources and more funding to further these programmes.

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