about teelo

Teelo Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation (Reg N0: NPO-168336 in 2016), that focuses on educational support and charitable missions who’s main beneficiaries are learners of previously disadvantagious/destitute rural communities in Tsholomnqa (Chalumna), 50Km away out of East London, Eastern Cape. Our main focus has been to deserving on schoool going children between ages of 6 to 15years.

Since our inception from 2016, due to generous support of our sponsors we have been able to provide these programmes and projects:

• School uniforms 
◦ Shoes, tunics, shirts jerseys
◦ Shoes, trousers, shirts, jerseys
• Oral reading/homework, during classes and after classes
• After school meals
• Learner support material
• Computer lessons (basic)
• Sports equipment
• Provision of Sanitary pads and
• Coaching young girls entering puberty
• Sports equipment
• Academic awards.

Where are our benefiaries ?
Tsholomnqa is a rural area in the former homeland Ciskei in the Eastern Cape, It is largely underdeveloped with scattered villages and open expansive areas of cultivation and grazing lands. The residents, communities practice subsistance agriculture using much of the land as graizing and arable fields. 

[Machete (2004); stresses that high levels of poverty are visible in the rural areas and large proportions of people who are poor in South Africa are found in the rural areas. Of the nine provinces RSA, the rate of poverty in the Eastern Cape is unedurable and is the largest contributor to porvety statistics in the whole of South Africa].

– The population of Tsholomnqa is 21062 people, 48% male and 52% female.
– Although 58% are under 35years, they remain largely unemployed
– Only 5916 are employed with formal income, only 16% return home daily. (ECSECC 2017)

Thus the profile of our benefiriaries;
• Families in distress and destitute
• Parents with no formal income
• Vulnerable and deprived communities
• Child headed homes
• Solely dependent on social grants
• Deserving communities.