our programs

Back to School Campaign

To reduce embarrassment and dread.

To reduce the burden.

To increase the number of students in schools.

Targets students that cannot afford stationery and uniform.

Reduce negative feelings that impact on concetration and performance.

Academic Awards

Towards the end of the year learners are presented with awards for most improved, best performing, most promising in education, most responsible learners and for neatness/well groomed and sports awards.

Its goes without saying that these awards are aimed at motivating, inspiring them to do more and better and instilling disciplene and encourage and to break barriers beyond what their circumstances might suggest.

Computer Lessons

Phozi schools happened to have 10 PCs that were sponsored some years back but under utelised.

With the recent buzz inspired by the 4th Industrial Revolution, it became incumbent to at least introduce the learners and teachers alike to the information technology world.

Though lessons are basic computers skills the interest is phenominal.

Oral Reading Lessons

Predominantly our children struggle with reading up to university, and a learning stifle if a learners cant read with comprehension.

It became imperitive to start lessons on Oral Reading and story telling for foundation phase. The benefits are, it builds connection between spoken and written words, increases attention span, provides a safe way of exploring strong emotions.

While acquiring language helps develop vocabulary, fluent silent reading skills and boost confidence. Then children can learn at their own pace and will not be intimidated when they see any reading material.

Girl Talk

Boys To Men Talk

Schools Reached

Dyam Dyam Primary

Gqala Primary School

Phozi Primary

Xhama Primary School